Mobile Banking App

Does this sound familiar? You start the new year off with the best intentions of working hard to hit new goals. “New Year, New Me,” you tell yourself as you wake up on January 1, full of ambition to tackle whatever resolution you’ve set for yourself. With this app, we added Flexibility to a Strict Deadline

Kribbz Mobile App

Kribbz makes it simple for anyone to buy and sell homes from their mobile device. Needing a sophisticated UX/UI to make the mobile home buying experience seamless, Kribbz engaged CrossApps to rework their entire frontend, from their user journeys and style guide to pixel perfect front end development.

PicPick App

Entertainment at its very best, PicPick is an exciting, picture-based guessing game that bound to get users addicted regardless of their age. Make the right guesses and win cash prizes through lucky draws. Making money has never been this fun!

Work Place Wellness Mobile App Development

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