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The Introduction

Everything begins with a crazy idea. The big idea for Picture Pick was to bring together two things that no one could refuse: a chance to play an addictive online game, and the opportunity to win cash prizes while at it.

The Highlights

One of the best features of the app, aside from its rules-and-sequence implementation, is the automatic report generation for admin. This basically allows access to important information and statistics, such as, the number of people who viewed ads, played the game and total number of rewards that have been won and collected.

The Problem

The challenge was to create a simple yet entertaining guessing game that operates in accordance to a set of intricate rules and procedures. At the same time, we also wanted to integrate an effective advertising module that could showcase sponsors.

The Solution

We were able to develop a complex sequence of rule implementation algorithms, based on a set of predefined conditions. To this, our team included resulting reward combinations wherever applicable, and created this addictive game that is sure to entertain the gamer inside you. To make sure that the app could cater to large clusters, irrespective of age, gender or interests, we gave it a simplistic design and intuitive user experience.

The Results

We paired the best of gaming entertainment, with effective app monetization strategies to give the perfect form to the Picture Pick app. The result was the creation of an efficient, easy to use and entertaining game app, that’s filled with bundles of rewarding prizes for users.







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